Friends .. as we travel through life .. haha .. wrestling with angels and demons .. moving along allowing our very being the breathing room to .. “listen” .. haha .. before we know it .. we’ll hear God’s voice .. that still small voice of the heart .. that totally assures us .. over and over again .. that yes .. we’re more whole than we ever knew .. larger than ever imagined .. haha .. yes .. we’re so much more than the limits we’ve set for ourselves .. and yes .. that we’ve lived by for so many years .. for friends .. our past .. nor .. our problems of today .. will never define who we are .. as simply .. they’re only lessons learned .. for yes .. we’re children of hope and wonder .. loved by Him .. and yes .. created to offer a unique .. and yes .. irreplaceable gift to this world in which we live .. haha .. oh yes sweet friends .. we’re valuable .. simply because .. we’re alive .. we know this .. simply because .. haha .. we’ve listened .. we’ve paid attention to His direction and His unconditional love for us .. and yes it’s so true .. once we’ve tasted this .. “listening” .. haha .. we find ourselves returning again and again and again .. to that stillness where we first heard His voice .. that voice of heart .. that totally empowers us .. to hear the voice of ALL hearts .. and yes .. it’s there we find again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
:And your ears shall hear a word behind you .. saying .. “This is the way .. walk in it” .. when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left”

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