Last night our family sat down to dinner to visit and talk about the current happenings going on in our lives .. haha .. Pop Bob had kept the kids all day as it was their last day off from Christmas break .. oh .. they were so excited just thinking about today .. getting back to see their friends and teachers at school .. haha .. and yes .. if they could explain it as we know it .. they’re simply looking forward to getting back to their regular daily .. “routine” .. haha .. however .. when we think about it .. we all like routine .. oh yes .. we like a little mix of excitement .. but that routine that most of us have built .. it’s always pretty darn safe .. yet still .. we have our hopes and our dreams hidden in our heart .. you know .. the things we’d love to do .. and yes .. see ourselves achieve .. however .. haha .. if our highest hope is in achievement .. we’ll eventually be disappointed .. for yes .. success is only temporary .. haha .. oh but friends .. on the other hand .. if we’re so afraid of disappointment .. that we take our hopes and dreams and lower them .. we can easily close ourselves off from what God may have in mind .. just for us .. for yes indeed .. the proper balance .. haha .. it can be mighty puzzling .. however .. we stay focused .. and yes .. we listen to our hearts .. and yes .. we listen to where He’s guiding us .. oh I know .. it’s hard to do at times .. for yes .. one side of our brain takes us one place .. haha .. while the other .. takes us a whole different route .. haha .. but yet .. we do it .. simply because we know .. our hope truly lies in Him .. for yes sweet friends .. the bottom line is simple .. God is love .. and yes .. love is the very essence of the gospel .. and Jesus.. He’s our Model .. for His life is a pure legacy of love .. haha .. and yes sweet friends .. as most of us have “grown” to know .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“And above all these put on love .. which binds everything together in perfect harmony”

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