Most of us have .. haha .. or .. are right now .. living our days like a juggler on tight rope .. haha .. oh yes .. we’re constantly balancing those plates of responsibility .. all the while .. doing all we can .. haha .. to keep them from crashing down in one big pile of brokeness on the floor .. haha .. oh I know .. it sounds entertaining .. but I also know .. when we’re in the midst of that balancing act .. we don’t always find it so much that way .. haha .. yet .. the thing is .. we can balance those plates .. and yes .. to do so successfully .. all we have to do is seek God .. and yes .. simply ask for help to weigh out our priorities .. haha .. for you see .. when we put Him first in our lives .. it doesn’t mean .. He’s the biggest and heaviest plate we have to carry .. no way sweet friends .. it simply means .. haha .. He’s there every step of the way to help us clearly see .. haha .. which of those so called .. “plates” .. haha .. are even worth the juggling act we’re putting ourselves through .. haha .. so yes .. as we picture this in our mind .. and yes .. as we let it soak into our heart .. let’s be mindful to remember .. every day is a new day .. and before we head out to juggle our plates .. haha .. let’s lay them before Him .. and simple ask .. for the wisdom to know .. which ones to pick up first .. which ones to put off till later .. haha .. and yes .. which ones to toss away .. for the truth is .. it’s through His help and guidance .. that we can weigh out what’s really worthy of our time and heart .. bottom line .. Jesus Himself .. He was never in a hurry .. He didn’t rush around .. He didn’t fret .. nor .. did He worry one single minute .. haha .. about what He was going to take care of next .. no .. He simply took each days duties .. as each day brought them .. and the rest was left with God .. and friends .. we can do the same .. on this beautiful new day .. so .. come on now .. let’s go get balanced .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Commit to the Lord whatever you do .. and He will establish your plans”

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