I love to read and the Bible .. it’s actually my favorite book .. it’s chocked full of adventurous stories of those gone on before us .. it’s an easy book to read .. and .. to listen to .. haha .. that’s right .. God talks to us through every word on every page .. let’s take John the Baptist for instance .. what we hear from him .. is simply that .. the greatest glories in this life .. are not in receiving attention or fame .. oh but .. in funneling it all .. straight to Jesus .. that’s right .. it was never the amount of people who followed him .. but .. it was how he responded when they all fled to Jesus .. oh yes sweet friends .. the key for us as Believers is to rejoice .. in whatever ministry we have been given .. for .. the truth is .. we’ve done nothing .. to deserve to be .. a part of this story anyway .. for it is .. the greatest story ever told .. and .. any part we play .. is all from grace .. and .. it’s all for Him .. for John .. he saw what God was doing in the world and even though he was not in the center of it .. he loved it .. and friends .. the same calling .. is there for each of us today .. so .. we rejoice in what He is doing in the world .. and .. we play our role .. whatever that may be .. big or small ..then .. we hang on .. for better or worse .. richer or poorer .. in sickness and in health .. right on up .. until death brings us to Him .. wow .. that’s exciting and huge .. so .. come on now .. get on out and spread some of His light this week .. for .. it’s already .. a beautiful start to this day .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“John answered and said .. “A man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven .. you yourselves bear me witness .. that I said .. ‘I am not the Christ’ .. but .. ‘I have been sent before Him’ ..He who has the bride is the bridegroom .. but the friend of the bridegroom .. who stands and hears him .. rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice .. therefore this joy of mine is fulfilled”

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