I have learned .. over and over again .. just how much .. God really wants to bless us .. and how .. He really wants us to see things from His perspective .. haha .. I know .. that sounds crazy .. we’re humans .. and yes .. we tend to view things from the right here and the right now .. for .. it’s simply .. what we know .. but friends .. He isn’t limited by anything .. simply because .. nothing is impossible for him .. so .. when we feel like the pressures around us .. are crushing the life right out of us .. look up sweet friends .. and simply ask .. for a breath of spiritual insight .. haha .. for yes .. He wants our hearts to be full of joy .. He wants us to serve one another out of love .. and .. the truth is .. if our hearts are filled with selfish desires .. we won’t have the want to .. or .. the way to .. haha .. that’s right .. but .. He can and will change our focus .. if we let Him .. haha .. and yes .. He’ll not only make it a delight to serve Him .. but .. a joy to serve each other .. and .. not only that .. but .. all the while .. experiencing perfect peace in every situation we face .. and yes .. I know .. He doesn’t promise that it will be easy .. but friends .. not one time has He ever indicated that we are to carry the burden of anxiety .. fear .. and .. downright worry .. no way .. these things are not a part of His plan .. even when .. He allows us to go through suffering and persecution .. it’s crazy .. but .. it’s true .. for you see .. He wants us to be encouraged in the right now .. He doesn’t want us to be burdened down .. no way .. He wants to constantly lift our spirits .. filling us with hope .. while driving away those dreadful feelings of discouragement .. for friends .. it’s in knowing .. just how much He wants that for us .. that can be .. a huge step in the right direction for us .. for .. if we don’t know in our heart .. how much He truly loves us .. life can be pretty dismal .. oh but .. when we embrace the truth .. things just seem to take on a whole new perspective .. yes .. haha .. the simple understanding that He is for us .. and .. not against us .. is a big deal .. and yes .. when our heart is filled with an appreciation of His goodness .. in turn .. it simply .. produces a flow of peace and joy .. right down into our very soul .. and friends .. haha .. it’s then .. we’re able to take captive every thought going on up in our minds .. no matter what it may be .. and .. simply make it .. obedient to Him .. for .. we’ll no longer be drug around by every little thing that distracts us .. yes .. we’ll still have some setbacks in our thought management .. oh but friends .. our live’s are so much more pleasant when we’re in line with His will .. haha .. yes sweet friends .. we’re learning to live in the light .. of simple truth .. come on now .. let’s do this .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Do not conform to the pattern of this world .. but be transformed by the renewing of your mind .. then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is .. His good .. pleasing .. and .. perfect will”


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