Being neutral and non-judgmental before taking action is the key to being present .. positive .. and .. at peace .. thus ..  giving ourselves a quiet mind so we can see clearly ..  what we need to do and be  .. to be at peace .. if things don’t work out as we hoped ..  “Be still and know that I am God” .. it’s when our minds .. hearts .. and .. souls are still ..  we are sensitive to the voice of God .. the promptings of the Spirit .. for .. it is now .. we can move forward with confidence ..  trusting that we are getting the life we are meant to have .. simply by responding to difficulties from a love-centered place ..  never from fear or anger .. yes .. that .. “quiet inner voice” .. it is sacred .. this is the Spirit prompting us .. keeping us in touch with the source of our being and with who we really are .. moving us forward in confidence .. for friends .. a racing mind is evidence that we don’t trust that we are having the life we were meant to have .. this condition of constant self-analysis disconnects us from sensing the promptings of the Spirit .. we experience inner conflict and second-guessing .. constantly struggling to be true to ourselves .. yet afraid others will judge us if we do .. people we care about feel unloved by us .. simply because .. we  don’t feel loved ourselves .. God exists in the present .. He has always existed .. and .. so has the present moment .. the past and future are merely ideas in our mind .. none of us can do anything “real” in the past or future .. oh but we can .. right now and right here .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period.

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