We do a great disservice to .. God .. and .. others .. when we portray Him in a way that matches the false perception of the wicked slave of Matthew 25 .. for the wicked slave feared his master .. rather than prompting him to serve .. his fear produced just the opposite response .. oh but friends .. our God .. He takes great pleasure and finds great joy in His creations .. including the new creation of Believers .. He also delights in the growth and godliness of His people .. for .. joy serves as a tremendous source of guidance concerning the .. “will of God” .. many think and speak of His will as some great mystery .. difficult to discern and even harder to defend .. but the Bible simply does not speak of His will this way .. Paul did not say the will of God was hard to know .. he said that it was impossible to do .. He knew what was right .. he just did not do it .. He knew what was wrong .. yet he persisted in doing it .. haha .. it’s not the knowing of God’s will .. but the doing of it .. which is hard .. yet .. when we want to know His will .. we approach the decisions we must make in life by this simply standard .. will this please Him? .. will this give Him joy? .. and .. will this grieve Him? .. this is the way Paul approached life .. and .. so should we .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period



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