There have been so many times in my life .. and .. I’m sure in yours .. when we’ve tried to bend God’s will to fit our own .. haha .. the problem with this strategy .. He sees everything .. yet .. we have such a nearsighted view of our own lives .. that we only see what is right in front of our nose .. that’s right .. we don’t see the big picture like He does .. so with that .. I have learned .. to learn .. to simply trust .. that the life I live .. is custom made just for me .. to learn the lessons I need to learn .. in order to run the race set before me .. no .. it’s not always been the life in my dreams .. however .. it has been the life I’ve needed .. I understand and accept fully .. that He .. knows better than I .. what is best for me .. and friends .. accepting this .. has given me great joy .. even in the most trying times .. for I know .. this means growth .. and growth in Him .. is always good .. no .. we simply cannot tell Him what to do for us .. He is not micromanageable .. haha .. that’s right .. it’s one thing to ask Him for the desire of our heart .. while .. quite another to make demands on what we think is best for us .. it’s when we adjust our attitudes .. to include more gratitude than wants .. followed by .. being still and listening .. that we’ll find His direction .. and it is then .. sweet friends .. we will become so relaxed .. and .. so trusting .. that whatever we’re going through .. can be a great adventure of learning .. haha .. I don’t know about you .. but me .. I love a good adventure .. let’s do this .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“Rejoice in hope .. be patient in tribulation .. be constant in prayer”




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