As with every year .. after an awesome weekend of the 30A Songwriter Festival ..  where the music reaches our very souls .. we wake up to a day of remembrance and celebration for .. Martin Luther King Jr ..  who .. like music over the years ..   changed many lives ..  as I’m  thinking about him and the weekend ..  and .. after reading some of his many .. “quotes” ..  I’m also thinking .. although things seem the same ..  nothing ever stays the same .. things change .. people move .. our kids grow up .. and time .. it marches on ..  and yes .. sometimes our footsteps falter on things we so depended on .. but .. the truth being ..   they were really never meant to fully support us .. for friends .. we simply cannot rely on what surrounds us .. no ..  not even the people who we love the most .. for  .. the truth is .. to fully and wholly rely on one thing or one person .. means .. they can never leave or change .. so .. when we face darkness in our lives as a crisis occurs  .. or when ..  daily anxiety builds fear and stress around us .. we may stumble .. and yes .. we may fall ..  for ..  as we’re facing these obstacles along the way that seem so difficult to navigate .. and .. the shadows hover over .. what once .. seemed so clear ..  we feel lost and alone ..   seeking life ..  looking for hope ..  and simply .. something to hold on to ..  it is then .. we better grab hold of the truth .. that will carry us through ..  for friends .. the truth is  .. God’s light  .. it still shines .. it never flickers .. and .. it doesn’t hide from us .. for simply  .. He never changes .. and .. He’ll never be overcome by darkened days .. that’s right sweet friends .. He is clearly and constantly .. guiding our path .. for He .. gives us hope and purpose .. through every step of our way .. He’s  like that tiny sliver of silver light in the gray at sunrise ..  even when we can’t find our way .. and .. the tide has turned and the struggles seem fierce .. He’s still there .. hope shines through .. it may be just a sliver .. but friends .. that’s all we need .. to whisper His Words of truth ..  for ..  He is .. and .. always will BE .. our sure foundation .. the wind beneath our wings .. the whisper of peace that calms the waves and storms .. that glimmer of light .. when our world seems dark .. for simply .. He is love .. and again .. oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period

“Jesus spoke to them .. saying .. “I am the light of the world .. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness .. but will have the light of life”




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