We all want predictability in life .. especially from those we love.. haha .. but friends .. this will never happen .. for you see .. our relationships in life .. we find to be .. mostly .. vigorous .. unpredictable .. and .. very emotional .. and yes .. they can leave us .. laughing or downright crying .. and .. when things go wrong .. as they will .. they can’t always automatically be fixed .. nope .. we have to get into the problem .. and .. actually play a part in its repair .. many times we stand back in our “self righteous” stance and hold our grudge held high .. but friends .. when we find ourselves doing this .. we better step back .. and take action .. for .. God .. He never made any of us machines that did nothing wrong .. oh I know .. sometimes .. the ability to love when we’ve been hurt is hard .. yet .. when we look at Him and how He has shown us to love .. we know .. we must do all we can .. to love the same way .. for .. after all .. we are made in His image .. and friends .. we can trust .. He has given us the ability to look at others .. as well as ourselves .. and see .. the good and the bad .. for in our hearts .. we know .. we are only human and we’re going to make mistakes .. we’re going to hurt .. and .. we’re going to be hurt .. it’s life .. that’s the way it is .. yet .. that doesn’t have to be the end .. no way .. for .. we also learn in life .. it’s how we respond to the hurt .. that truly matters .. that’s right.. for He has given us the eyes to see other people .. as well as ourselves .. as He sees us .. not ever perfect .. but always and forever .. worthy of love .. and for that .. I personally .. am one grateful soul .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“There is no fear in love .. but perfect love casts out fear .. because fear involves punishment .. and the one who fears is not perfected in love .. we love .. because He first loved us .. if someone says .. “I love God” .. and hates his brother .. he is a liar .. for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen .. cannot love God whom he has not seen”

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