I’ve been writing and keeping a journey ever since I can remember ..  I’ve written each day .. my experiences .. my heartaches .. my joys .. and .. haha .. my own self judgement ..  I laugh because my son .. he’ll have quite the undertaking when I’m gone with all this .. knowledge and nonsense that’s made my life .. haha ..  I can’t really remember when I started writing these daily bits of .. “realisms” .. but .. it’s been good for me .. it keeps me in the reality of the way things really are .. to me that is ..  this pic I’ve posted today .. was taking by Dawn Chapman Whitty .. the minute I saw this picture ..  it immediately touched my heart .. as well as .. give me the sense of knowing that love .. haha .. truly does win .. for .. you see .. these three girls .. they all have a story .. the lady in the middle .. her story is the most recent .. as .. not too long ago she lost her husband .. it’s been difficult for her ..  her heart is broken .. and daily .. she faces that fact .. oh yes .. we know in time .. it will get easier for her .. but .. we also know .. getting to that point .. is a tough row to hoe .. now .. see those ladies on each side .. these are her friends .. they love their friend in the middle so much .. that they’ll do whatever it takes to help ease the pain she’s feeling inside .. friendships like these ..  are few and far between .. these are the kind .. that yes .. love in spite and not because of .. just like God made love to be .. haha ..  I look at the genuine laughter on each face ..  and my heart grows full .. for I know .. that laughter I see .. is truly from their hearts .. you can’t fake the joy in these faces .. you can’t fake the comfort that they’re bringing to one another .. for friends .. life brings it  .. the ups and downs .. the laughter .. the joy .. and yes .. even the sadness we all face .. and no .. none of it happens just once .. all these things make recurring visits throughout our lives .. it’s just the way it is .. and yes .. we’ll all get through it .. and yes .. there’s beauty in all things ..  good or bad .. for .. as we can see  from this simple picture .. that simply shows .. the meaning of hope .. the meaning of friendship .. and .. the meaning of love .. haha .. the real .. reality of life .. yes friends .. when we look at this picture .. we simply see .. people loving people .. haha ..  just the way .. He desires us all to be .. always and forever .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Above all .. keep loving one another earnestly .. since love covers a multitude of sins .. show hospitality to one another without grumbling .. as each has received a gift .. use it to serve one another .. as good stewards of God’s varied grace”


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