Friends .. we’ve all been disappointed by someone in our lives .. and yes .. most of the time it’s because we trusted them .. and yes .. we’ve put them on some sort of a pedestal .. and yes .. because of that we’ve been let down .. haha .. yet when we look at it clearly .. we can clearly see .. our expectations were way too high .. for people are people .. and yes .. there will be times when we fail in each other’s eyes .. and yes .. there will be times when we think they just aren’t who we thought they were .. haha .. oh but friends .. what a joke that is .. for none of us are perfect .. we all make mistakes .. we all fail .. and no .. not one of us are any better than the one standing to the right or to the left .. so yes .. we need to take off our blinders and simply put our complete trust in God .. for the truth is .. He’s the only One who’ll never let us down .. for He’s the same yesterday .. today .. and forever .. and His heart is a forgiving heart .. and friends .. since we’re made in His image and want to live free and complete lives .. our hearts need to be the same .. oh I know .. it’s not always easy .. but it’s always necessary .. for no matter how many times we’ve let Him down .. unlike most of us .. He’s been quick to forgive .. and yes .. we’re quick to judge .. quick to lay blame .. and yes .. so very slow in letting things go .. haha .. how foolish we are to hold on to such baggage when we can easily give it to Him and be free .. free to love one another in spite of anything that’s ever happened .. for the reality is .. not a single thing that’s happened on this earth will mean a hill of beans on the other side .. so friends .. we need to look at ourselves honestly .. and yes .. if we find there’s someone we haven’t forgiven or shown grace .. we need to make it a priority to do so today .. for yes .. every single time we love instead of judge we grow closer and closer to the person He wants us to be .. for it’s then and only then .. we’re truly loving others as we love ourselves .. for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“The second is this .. ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ .. there is no commandment greater than these”

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