Friends .. it’s true .. love is indeed the link God gives us with His eternal Self .. haha .. oh yes .. we talk about love .. heck .. I talk about it all the time .. and no .. I haven’t always practiced it nor have I always acted out of it .. however .. I know it to be true .. I’ve been loved many times in my life even when I didn’t deserve it .. haha .. in man’s eyes for sure .. oh but friends .. in His eyes we’re always loved .. and yes .. we’re always to love .. simply because ..  we’re called to be imitators of love Himself .. for yes .. He is love .. and yes .. if we’re going to be as He wants us to be .. as hard as it may be at times .. we simply have to move past the hurt .. past the pain .. and yes .. even past the disappointment that others bring into our lives .. think about it .. we’ve all been shown so much grace along our journey .. and no .. not just once .. but yes .. over and over again .. we’ve all done and acted out in the same way .. time after time .. haha .. those habitual habits .. whether it be drugs .. alcohol .. anger issues .. mental issues .. or yes .. even that old “self -righteousness” we carry so proudly .. they’re all simply a problem that needs a little love.. and yes ..  that needs a little forgiveness to overcome .. and yes .. that means whether it be directed at someone else .. or yes .. haha .. even at ourselves .. that’s right .. when we don’t love each other and we don’t love ourselves through the pain and the sorrows of life .. we simply aren’t doing what we know we need to do .. oh yes .. it can be hard .. and yes .. I’ve personally had to forgive .. and yes .. even love those who’ve hurt me deeply .. I’ve had to learn to love myself .. and yes .. I’ve had to do it all .. haha .. in spite of and not because of .. however .. I can personally attest that when we do this .. in the end our lives will be better for it ..  for yes .. it’s when we finally “get it” that we can see things from a different view .. we see all sides .. and yes .. we’re able to  sympathize and empathize .. for now .. we truly understand the difference between the two .. yes sweet friends .. it’s true .. love is the link God gives us with His eternal Self .. so yes .. with this new day we’ve been given .. let’s get up get out .. and yes ..  share a little love .. for yes ..  haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Love and faithfulness meet together .. righteousness and peace kiss each other”


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