Last night a group of us got together for dinner at our new catering facility .. haha .. Donald put together a huge kitchen where our Chef, Richard (aka: Honky) can cook his heart out with ease .. and yes .. that’s what he and Scooter did last night .. we were honored to have together some of our closest friends from years gone by along with some new friends .. haha .. you know the kind of people that make you feel like you’ve known them forever .. that’s what we had .. all in one big room at one big family table .. sharing stories .. enjoying fabulous food .. and yes .. each other .. haha .. at the end of the evening as I watched everyone in that large kitchen cleaning and laughing .. my heart grew full as I could see the love that each person put into each task they performed .. haha .. which got me thinking of how we’re drawn to the things .. and yes .. the people we love .. and yes how .. the more we allow ourselves to love .. the more our lives come alive with faith hope .. and yes .. compassion .. we find ourselves listening to one another with care .. and then yes .. how we carry that magic of love that our God has blessed us so tremendously with .. right back into our every day lives .. which in turn .. brings us that sweet inner peace He so graciously instills in us .. haha .. yes friends .. it’s that cycle of positive feedback that helps us become more heartfelt in our approach to our everyday lives .. for yes .. it really is true .. it all comes down to love love .. and yes .. love again .. it will win every time .. I see it everyday .. I saw it last night .. and yes .. I feel it this morning .. haha .. so I must say .. thank you family and friends for a beautiful evening .. for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Love one another with brotherly affection .. outdo one another in showing honor”
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