Feelings were hurt .. haha .. and yes .. it was Christmastime to boot .. so to retaliate .. without mentioning names .. and yes .. since I write daily .. thinking it may just get read .. haha .. and yes .. giving me total advantage .. haha .. I sat down to write my post .. and yes .. to let ’em have it .. I wrote about love .. respect .. haha .. you name it .. I wrote it .. all in a self serving .. and yes .. justified way .. hahaha .. oh but friends .. when it was time to hit that post button .. I just couldn’t do it .. oh yes .. the enemy .. He urged me to do so .. but I couldn’t .. simply because .. in my heart .. I know that I know that I know .. it’s just not part of the plan .. no friends .. God’s plan and command is for us to love one another with a Jesus kind of love .. you know the same way He loves us .. haha .. and yes .. that’s big and wide .. so yes .. we need to love .. and yes .. we need to have a forgiving spirit at all times .. not because the other person is deserving .. but simply because He loves us .. He’s made allowances for us .. and yes .. He’s forgiven us .. and yes .. He’s shown us grace for our many many past mistakes .. and friends .. when we forgive others in the same way He did us .. haha .. we become just like Him .. you know .. the One who accepts us with all our guilt .. all our imperfections .. and yes .. all the past that we carry so heavily .. haha .. and no .. this doesn’t mean He approved everything that we did .. but yes .. He’s accepted us completely as we are .. and yes .. He’s done this .. simply to show His great love for us .. and yes .. to help us change daily .. to become more like Him ..for friends .. He truly wants us to be better as each day unfolds .. haha .. the truth is .. it all boils down to accepting this simple and remarkable fact .. when we learn to trust that He has in fact accepted us as we are .. it is then .. we’re able to do the same for others .. simply because .. we know without a doubt .. He is in us .. and yes .. we are in Him .. and yes yes yes .. we can bet our bottom dollar .. haha .. that He will indeed come out in our attitude .. in our actions .. and yes .. in our very words .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Make allowance for each other’s faults .. and forgive anyone who offends you .. remember .. the Lord forgave you .. so you must forgive others”


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