“I wrote this a couple of years ago and shared on this page.. as I was looking back I found it and reread what I had written .. although long .. it was nice to read about and reflect upon the people I so loved .. especially during this time of year .. although my mom and my brother are no longer here with us today .. I find comfort in knowing .. that yes .. what a day it will be when we’re reunited again in God’s very presence .. so yes sweet friends .. If you’ve lost a love one and this is your first holiday without them .. hold on to your Hope .. for yes .. you will see them again in His perfect timing and His awesome glory .. much love to you all”
In 1989 my brother and best friend was diagnosed with cancer .. George and I were always inseparable .. he was older than me .. and .. I thought the sun rose and set with him .. oh yes .. we had so much fun together growing up .. we were each others rock .. for .. growing up .. was somewhat chaotic in our home .. and .. I had the comfort of knowing .. that no matter what .. he was there for me .. he helped me through so many rough times as a teen and on into adulthood .. he loved me totally .. and .. unconditionally .. so .. you can imagine how I felt when he got sick .. ten years prior I had went through this with my dad .. so I knew .. it was not going to be easy days in front of us .. we lived out on old 98 in Gulf Winds East .. in spite of the illness .. there was great joy in the many walks on the beach .. the reminiscing of our time together .. and .. as time went .. and .. as cancer sometimes goes .. he became worse and eventually we moved him to Pensacola to moms house .. where she took care of him until he left us .. I would go over often .. play cards with him .. laugh .. and .. cry .. for .. he and I knew .. that he would leave us soon and we wanted to make the best of the time we had left together .. and that’s .. just what we did .. he kept his sense of humor like no other .. one day at the VA center .. on of the nurses told him .. “George .. dying is like going through another door” .. haha .. and he replied .. “yes m’am .. and I just want to reach out and grab that ‘cool knob’ ” .. we laughed so hard .. we cried .. I can remember the look on the nurses face .. I’m sure her life was changed that day .. oh how I miss him .. especially this time of year when these memories flood my heart .. for you see .. George .. he was slowly losing blood and had decided .. no more transfusions .. it was time .. so .. as always .. I respected his decision .. liked it .. no way .. but totally respected it .. oh yes .. it was a difficult time and I leaned on my mom like crazy .. as I stood at her back door one day .. I screamed at her .. “Mom .. I feel like we’re just letting him die .. I don’t know if I can do this!” … and to this day .. I will never forget the look on her face .. as she gently and so lovingly looked at me .. and .. simply said .. “No Baby .. we are loving him enough .. to let him go” .. wow .. what a changing point for me in my life .. I have drawn on that so many times .. so .. as I cried over the loss of one of the most important people in my life .. I was also overwhelmed with joy .. I was overwhelmed with joy that I had the best the brother in the world .. and .. that God had given him to me for over 33 years .. and .. he did not have to suffer too terribly long .. and .. when he left us .. I was overwhelmed with joy .. that he left peacefully .. straight to the arms of Jesus .. so alongside the loss .. that .. painful .. heart wrenching .. tear flowing loss .. was .. joy .. joy .. joy .. for friends .. as Believers ..we have the gift of knowing .. that our joy in Him .. is never meant to be killed by the breaking of sorrows .. for .. it still to this day .. makes me smile .. haha .. and laugh .. just knowing .. George .. he grabbed .. that “cool knob” .. and .. we will see each other .. face to face again .. and oh sweet friends .. what a glorious day that will be .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“You .. Lord .. keep my lamp burning .. my God turns my darkness into light”

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