We’re never too old to hurt for our children ..  I watched disappointment hit the face of my son yesterday ..  He had worked really hard on a project and when time came to reap the reward from his work .. it was not there for him ..  the look of hurt on his face is what grabbed me the most .. you know .. as a mom .. all I wanted to do was fix it for him .. not sure if that will happen .. but .. I do know .. what will not happen ..  and that’s simply .. I’ll never be able to take away .. the way he felt when he realized .. the deal was bad .. I’ll never be able to take away his feeling of  disappointment  ..  yes .. I know ..  disappointment .. it’s a harsh word .. it speaks of failure .. of not measuring up .. and .. of frustration .. it sits right down on our soul and utterly deflates it .. it can feel as severe as .. a blow to the heart that sends us reeling .. for .. the truth is .. disappointment feels like the mortal enemy of hope ..  it can totally zap us .. turning us inward at ourselves .. or  ..  out toward another ..  and yes ..  it can even get turned toward God ..  for .. we wonder why He would let this happen .. but friends .. this is just what the enemy wants us to think .. and friends .. we .. can’t let that happen .. for if such a thought .. that God Himself has disappointed us .. lurks  anywhere in the basement of our soul ..  we need to open the door and let it out.. as quickly as possible .. simply because .. if we ever honestly think .. we’ll  shock Him by telling Him how we feel .. we’re kidding ourselves .. for .. He’s big enough .. and .. His love is fierce enough .. to deal with anything we feel or must face .. so we stop .. and .. we acknowledge the truth .. life can deeply disappoint us ..  and friends .. His Word doesn’t shy away from it .. and neither should we .. we may feel tempted to throw in the towel at the first feelings of difficulty .. or worse .. lose precious time ..  allowing it to continue to batter us .. but .. as we have learned from lessons in the past .. when the storm in our heart settles .. we’ll simply see .. He was in control all along .. no matter how things appeared or felt .. yes .. it hurts .. but the pain does not have to be our enemy .. for what makes pain our enemy .. or .. even our friend .. is simply .. how we deal with it ..  as a mom .. I have found this distinction more difficult to maintain than I ever anticipated … for friends ..  I want to protect my son from all life’s disappointments .. but I can’t .. because when I do ..  I’m actually doing him a great disservice .. yes .. disappointment is a part of life .. and .. when we fail to acknowledge this fact .. we tend to view disappointment as a disaster rather than a chance to learn and grow ..  you know .. that pathway to real hope ..  so .. for this very reason .. we must learn to recognize disappointment as a turn in the tide .. and not .. the end of the journey .. no .. not all disappointments are as great as they seam at first .. and sometimes .. they aggravate us more like a splinter rather than a major wound ..  haha .. the latter being learned over and over in life .. oh but … haha .. the awesome news .. we .. as sons and daughters of the King .. celebrate an all powerful .. and .. an all loving God .. and friends ..  the twin truths of disappointment .. and ..  our God of love .. don’t tend to sit well together ..  so we trust ..  that when we find ourselves in a season of profound disappointment .. and .. the enemy wants us to believe that He’s not listening to us ..  and ..  He doesn’t care about us ..  we better hold up .. like a shelter in a storm .. the truth of His Word .. over our  feelings of disappointment ..  knowing that He cares .. and  .. He loves us more profoundly than we’ll ever know .. for .. He is Love .. and .. haha ..  we know that we know that we know .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.

“Do not be anxious about anything .. but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God .. And the peace of God .. which surpasses all understanding .. will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”


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