We talk about relationships .. we talk about boundaries .. we understand what we need .. but yes .. haha .. sometimes it’s nice to simply remind ourselves of the reality of it all .. haha .. for it’s true  .. when we get close to people .. the boundaries .. they can get fuzzy .. and yes .. in a relationship without boundaries .. if we’re not careful .. we can indeed find ourselves letting others manipulate us into doing things we really don’t want to do .. haha .. for yes .. we act out of guilt instead of honoring our own needs .. oh yes .. we are champions at letting others offend us without telling them how we actually feel .. and friends .. this is not how or why God made us .. so yes .. the best and Godly way to ensure we are being treated the way we want .. and yes .. should to be treated .. is to teach them .. haha .. simply meaning that we have to love and respect ourselves enough to do just that .. yes sweet friends .. we acknowledge what we need .. and yes .. we speak up .. for the truth is .. the only way to have a loving and peaceful relationship is to start with a loving .. and yes .. peaceful relationship with ourselves .. for yes .. this is how and why we were made .. for yes .. it’s all about people loving people .. just the way He intended us to be .. so yes ..  again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“For we are his workmanship .. created in Christ Jesus for good works .. which God prepared beforehand .. that we should walk in them”




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