Haha .. I’m chuckling this morning .. simply because .. I’ve been thinking about people .. haha .. and .. the difficult ones that I’ve had to deal with throughout my life .. for some reason .. I’m always drawn to them .. so with that .. I’ve come to the conclusion .. the biggest problem in the world .. it’s not hunger or war .. no .. it’s people .. seriously .. I don’t know how God puts up with us .. haha .. which in turn .. only re-confirms .. just how patient and loving He really is .. for friends .. people can be very unkind at times .. while .. some people have a way of bringing out the best in us .. others simply .. bring out the worst .. and yes .. it’s disturbing when we realize this truth .. and .. not only that .. but .. that we too .. are one of those people .. haha .. but friends .. there’s good news .. He wants to help us love the unlovable .. even when .. it’s the one we face in the mirror each day .. for simply .. our relationship with Him determines our relationship with every one around us .. when are hearts are right and we’re focused on the Truth .. every relationship we have .. has the potential to be right too .. for friends .. what we have to stay mindful of .. is simply .. if we haven’t reconciled with Him .. it’s tough to reconcile with someone else .. and yes .. the first place to start is with the one starring back at us .. that’s right .. we can’t expect to help others .. if we don’t get right with Him .. and yes .. ourselves .. haha .. what’s really awesome about this .. He knows our every weakness and allows us to be placed in situations where we are tested .. that’s right .. think about it .. when we lack patience .. He surrounds us with irritating people .. if we need to love more .. those unlovable people come out of the wood work .. I could go on and on .. but .. we get the picture .. growth is always in order .. and yes .. He makes it readily available .. for friends .. the bottom line is this .. He loves us so much that He’s not going to leave us the way we are .. every day in some way .. He’s going to help us become more like Him .. to the difficult people in our lives .. we may be the only example of love they meet .. for Jesus Himself said .. that the love we have for one another would prove to the world .. that we are His .. for simply .. we are His disciples .. imitators of the One we follow .. and yes .. He’ll use those difficult situations and people .. simply .. to bring about change within .. and yes .. it can be unsettling .. but .. oh so .. life changing .. for simply .. a changed life is what He’s after .. so .. when we find ourselves in a situation where we’re being rubbed the wrong way .. we’re miffed .. we’re put out .. and .. we’re angry or hurt .. we can now .. clearly see .. it’s just another opportunity .. to be .. more like Him .. haha .. come on now .. we got this .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Whoever gets sense loves his own soul .. he who keeps understanding will discover good”


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