So many of us spend much of our time .. haha .. being loyal to other people .. while being loyal is a good thing .. we often forget the need to be loyal to ourselves .. that’s right .. we forget to stop .. even just for a moment to stick to our plans .. so yes .. when we get bogged down with the daily stresses of life .. we sometimes lose sight of who we really are .. and yes .. at some point we have to make up our mind to stop .. and yes .. “take five” .. haha .. and yes .. stay loyal to our core needs and desires .. we need to invest a little time reacquainting ourselves with all our likes and dislikes .. we need to look at what we’re good at .. and yes ..  the dreams we once had for ourselves .. for friends .. it’s then that we’ll soon discover a renewed spirit for living .. one that allows us to explore all those God-given capabilities we’ve had tucked away .. for yes .. they are there .. and yes .. it’s our responsibility to use them for His glory .. for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period.

“Be watchful .. stand firm in the faith .. act like men .. be strong .. let all that you do be done in love”


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