It’s true .. we all carry around burdens that God never intended us to carry .. oh but .. we’re a hard headed bunch of people .. and yes .. we insist on doing things our own way .. however .. when we’re sick .. we give control to our doctor .. when we have a legal problem .. we give it to our attorney .. so yes .. when we’re facing difficulties and our burdens feel too heavy to bear .. we simply must entrust .. and yes .. hand them over to Him with full confidence .. for yes .. it’s then we’re expressing our faith .. not only in Him but in His promises .. for yes .. we trust Him .. we trust His Word .. and yes .. we know this is what we must continual feed our minds .. and yes . there will be times when we feel like there’s two beings inside .. haha .. one pulling to the left while the other pulls to the right .. however .. the truth is .. it’s the one we feed that will win .. so it’s true .. when we struggle we can’t feed our concerns and turn them into worry .. no .. we give them to Him .. and yes .. when we do we’ll find He’ll indeed turn our sorrows into joy .. and friends .. haha .. the beauty of all this is simply .. we can have it if we want it .. it’s a choice .. for He .. Love Himself has blessed us .. and yes .. called us to be a blessing .. and yes .. He’ll take our burdens our sorrows and our very lives .. and yes .. turn them into joy .. but yes .. it’s only IF we allow Him to do so .. so yes sweet friends .. it’s again that we see .. that yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“whatever is true .. whatever is noble .. whatever is right .. whatever is pure .. whatever is lovely .. whatever is admirable .. if anything is excellent or praiseworthy .. think about such things.”

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