We’ve all had difficult people in our lives .. I’ve had so many  .. I stopped counting a long time ago  ..  haha ..  the funny thing is .. when thinking honestly on it ..  I  .. myself .. have been the most difficult of all  .. oh but friends .. through it all and by God’s grace .. we can love those difficult people that are placed in our lives ..  oh yes .. it’s an easy thing to cut the troublesome person out whenever possible .. or ..  just totally avoid them .. but .. for me .. I want to be like Him .. I want to learn to be patient and loving ..  I want to show mercy and kindness ..  I want to do all this .. no matter how I have been treated .. and friends .. I have treated badly .. and .. have been treated badly .. and .. neither one of them .. feels good .. so .. when we are faced with a difficult person in our lives .. instead of turning away from them .. let’s do what we can to allow “healing” for us both .. we can do this .. starting with  .. praying for our own heart .. asking Him to soften it .. to put off anger and irritability .. and  .. to put on meekness and kindness .. doing all we can to understand their struggles while meeting them with compassion ..  praying for them .. asking Him to do a work in their heart .. then .. move toward them .. not away from them .. yes .. we may want to steer clear  .. but ..  they are exactly the ones we need to intentionally move toward .. not only do we need to do all this .. but ..  we also need to find specific ways to bless and encourage them .. I know .. it’s crazy .. but as we profess to be Believers .. we must do as He would do .. that’s right .. we must show them grace .. just as He has shown grace to us ..  always staying mindful of the simple fact .. we too .. have been and may be today .. that difficult person in someone else’s life ..  haha .. you know .. that thorn in someone’s side .. so .. when we are on the brink of tears .. when we’ve received a harsh answer .. or .. when we’re confronted with someone who absolutely drives us up the wall .. we must ask Him .. for the grace .. not to run away .. but .. to keep engaging in love .. with that hard to love person .. for ..  by doing so .. He will honor us .. and .. our heart will find a deeper satisfaction .. as we walk in the light of His awesome love ..  oh yeah people ..  again .. Love Wins Period

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples .. if you have love for one another.”





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