As all of you know .. I am a music lover .. music has always been a big part of my life .. no .. I don’t sing .. nor .. do I play an instrument .. but .. music .. has always moved my soul .. when I’m down .. it brings me up .. and .. when I’m up .. it takes me higher .. the rythym of a beat is powerful .. and .. yes .. music is something we all relate to .. now with wedding season winding down .. we are able to bring in a little music for us all to enjoy .. and coming up .. we have Randall Bramblet and his band coming in for a CD Release Dance Party on Saturday (halloween night) .. the title cut of the album is “Devil Music” .. haha .. although fitting for Halloween .. it’s a sad story about Howlin’ Wolf and how his mother was totally against him playing the blues .. as she was a very religious woman .. and .. she truly believed .. it was the devil’s music .. and friends .. she totally wanted him to give it up .. oh but .. he loved is so .. and .. he was awesome .. so .. after he got famous .. he went home to see her .. she met him at the door .. and .. simply stated .. “son .. you ain’t comin’ into this house .. you been playin’ that devil music” .. bless his heart .. he cried all the way to Memphis with his band in the car .. for .. a son needs his mama’s love .. oh my .. while I don’t understand .. I do understand .. his mama .. she reacted out of fear .. simply from what she had been taught all her life .. it’s that simple .. it was a different era .. just like fifty years from now will be .. oh but .. think about Wolfe .. the rejection he felt .. the heartbreak of losing his mama’s love .. it makes my heart hurt .. but friends .. it’s when I think about our God .. and .. how much He totally .. “unconditionally” .. loves us .. that my heart comes alive .. for you see .. He does not care if we play .. the blues .. rock .. or .. country .. for .. He is the Creator of music .. He is our song .. and .. He is our dance .. He doesn’t look at the outside .. He looks at the heart .. He loves us .. and .. when the world rejects us .. He is always right here .. with His arms wide open with a big heart full of love .. for friends .. the bottom line .. we are His people .. and .. nothing .. absolutely nothing .. can separate us from His incredible love .. oh yeah .. and .. that’s right .. Love Wins Period
“neither height nor depth .. nor anything else in all creation .. will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord”
Friends .. please.. please .. please .. attend this show .. it’s going to be an awesome night .. and .. I (we) would really love to see you ! … you can grab tickets by stopping by our Grayton Beach Catering office at 14 Clayton Lane in Grayton .. by phone .. 850.231.1090 .. online .. .. Central Square Records .. The Blue Giraffe .. or .. Arnett’s Gulfside Trailrides .. woo hoo .. see you at the Stables! 

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