Friends .. when we have a plan our lives become simpler .. haha .. for so many years my plans were not orchestrated as they should have been .. like so many of us .. we let people who we think are knowledgeable and smart tell us what’s best for our situation .. and yes .. many times which way to make a move .. haha .. and yes .. we’ve suffered the after effect when they move on .. and then yes .. had to spend time cleaning up the mess they made .. haha .. at our fee will .. oh but friends .. when we create a plan .. and yes .. allow God to help see it through .. we’re able to focus our efforts and energies.. while offering a way to measure what we’ve done and how far we’ve come .. haha .. yes .. a good plan keeps us focused on our purposes and goals .. so yes .. we make manageable plans .. for as we know .. those grandiose schemes are counterproductive .. it’s those simple action steps that are easily measurable that will help us keep going when the going gets tough .. for yes .. we must always leave room for the unexpected .. and yes .. for His grace to bring us those delightful daily surprises .. for friends .. we are loved by love Himself .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“The heart of man plans his way .. but the Lord establishes his steps”


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