As most of you know that follow my posts and blog ..  I am a Believer .. I Believe in God ..  I wholeheartedly Believe in His love .. and .. in His ways .. I Believe He sent His Son Jesus .. to live and to die .. for each of us .. I talk about my faith a lot .. some in serious detail .. while often looking at the humorous side of my walk with Him .. for friends  .. He can be .. down right funny .. haha .. I love that so much in Him .. but now .. with Christmas Day .. three away .. haha ..  I want to share with you .. some of  what ..  this Season ..  truly means to my heart .. oh yes .. it’s certainly means celebrating the  birth of Christ .. yet .. I constantly find  ..  my mind and thoughts ..  going  to Mary ..  for friends .. think about the great burden and blessing ..  that was placed on her ..  we know that she had Joseph ..  but .. when her pregnancy came down ..  they weren’t yet married ..  and  .. so many made it perfectly clear that her pregnancy was not okay ..  many encouraging Joseph to leave her ..  and that’s what ..  weighs on my heart ..  for you see .. Mary  ..  she didn’t do a single thing wrong ..  in fact .. she did so much right ..  oh yes ..  I know .. as many of you ..  what it’s like to have those hateful eyes on you ..   oh but .. Mary ..  she knew in her heart that she had done what was right .. and while some believed her ..  not everyone did ..  it was a challenge to accept the virgin birth as a miracle ..  and ..  for me to know .. what those eyes feel like when I did commit a sin ..  I can only imagine what Mary felt like when God chose her .. and .. when she didn’t commit that sin .. so you see .. in this Christmas story we find  .. the true meaning of .. a new beginning .. oh I know .. most see new years day as a chance to start anew .. and yes .. it a new beginning for all of us .. but it’s in Mary’s walk ..  and .. in His birth ..  that we find new life .. for you see .. when He was born .. He walked on earth with us .. as a human .. a child .. for ..  He sent a part of Himself .. into this this world .. as a vulnerable little baby in a stable .. and .. in doing this  .. He changed the world .. haha .. friends .. there is nothing more new than that .. countless hearts have been changed .. simply because of  what happened on that Christmas Day .. so .. during this season of love .. we take this amazing gift from God .. as ..   it’s like no other gift we’ll  ever receive ..  for .. through His birth .. we are given the opportunity .. for connection .. for redemption .. and .. for forgiveness .. simply because  .. from every moment .. even before ..  He was born ..  let up to the cross .. and that my friends .. is an incredibly crazy .. yet .. true story .. of real love  .. so .. during this beautiful season .. may we all stay mindful .. to give our gifts to one another ..  out of our pure love for Him .. the One .. who is  .. the greatest gift of all .. oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period

And the angel said to her .. “Do not be afraid ..  Mary .. for you have found favor with God .. and behold .. you will conceive in your womb and bear a son .. and .. you shall call his name Jesus”




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