It’s Maundy Thursday .. two thousand years ago .. the world is in turmoil .. much as today .. powers being abused .. minorities being oppressed .. and .. people going hungry .. Jesus asked His disciples to reserve the upper room .. it was a special place where they could observe a special Passover dinner together .. oh yes .. the disciples .. they’ve heard him talk about laying down his life .. but .. had no idea He would die in less than twenty four hours .. no .. from the way they saw it .. this night looked more like a celebration of His swift rise to popularity .. rather than a solemn prelude to His very death .. for the truth is .. He had spent the last three years fascinating people with miracles .. while .. amazing crowds with his simple .. but yet .. profound teaching .. yes .. He was recognized as a healer .. a rabbi .. a prophet .. and now .. haha .. it seems .. a thrilling political candidate .. so .. as they gather at the table on that Thursday evening .. I’m sure they were expecting Him to make a big announcement .. but .. He didn’t .. no friends .. He didn’t wow them with miracles .. He didn’t turn water to wine .. He didn’t give a speech .. He didn’t even tell a parable .. and no .. He didn’t offer them a plan for what happens next .. for .. He’s wasn’t looking to grow a voter base .. haha .. no .. instead .. He stood silently .. stripped off His robes until He looked like a slave .. then quietly .. He kneeled down and began to wash their feet .. and yes .. the disciples were not only surprised .. but .. totally embarrassed .. for this was not .. the behavior of a king .. no way .. but yet .. with this simple humble gesture .. on the very last night of His life .. He took the final and bold stand .. that the root of every problem in the world we live .. is not .. the absence of power .. votes .. or .. money .. but .. the absence of love .. haha .. and so .. bottom line .. the infusion of love .. must .. be the beginning of every solution .. and yes .. just as He invited the diciples that night .. He invites us today .. to follow His plan .. to simply .. love our neighbors and bless our enemies. .. to continuously .. be peacemakers .. to be poor in spirit .. to be meek .. to stop contending for first place and gladly go last .. for it is then .. we will be emptied of selfishness and conceit .. haha .. and .. in exchange .. be motivated by love .. and .. not by fear .. for friends .. it’s when we take this on .. as hard as it may seem at times .. we can and will .. together .. change the world .. haha .. so yes .. yes .. yes .. as we reflect on this humbling night .. we’re reminded of the mandate He left us .. for simply .. it wasn’t a political or economic one .. no .. the only mandate He ever had and ever will have .. simply .. calls us to .. is love .. simple truth .. for us .. simple minded folks .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“This is my commandment .. that you love one another .. as I have loved you”

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