I’ve been dealing with our family house over in Pensacola over the last month or so .. haha .. my mother passed away three years ago next month and we’re just getting around to doing something with the darn thing .. it’s old .. it’s in need of repair .. but yet .. it holds a whole lot of memories .. some that really make me miss my mom .. haha .. to tell you the truth .. I had no idea just much it would ware on me to deal with this .. when we we’re over there .. I never walked into the room where my brother passed away .. nor did I go to the porch where my grandmother sat .. I didn’t even realize it at the time .. but now .. as I’m getting call after call after call about it .. haha .. those old memories keep flooding back .. the time I sat on the front stoop crying like a baby because I lost my first boyfriend .. to the time when Donald was around 5 and I sat on that same stoop combing his shiny blonde hair .. and yes .. then on to the time that same stoop held me up when I cried again .. like a baby .. when my best friend and brother left this world .. it’s crazy how emotions from the past still seem to have such a hold on us .. haha .. I’m constantly talking about putting the past behind .. and yes .. we should .. but friends .. past experiences like these will never leave us .. they’ve become memories of the ones we love .. they can be painful .. or .. they can be healing .. I say we always choose the latter .. haha .. for really .. if we think about it we’ll realize .. again .. just how much God loves us .. He gives us this gift of memory .. we can remember the good times and the love we shared with those who have gone before us .. we can remember the pain we felt at the time .. and yes .. we can be reminded of where they are today .. haha .. in His loving care .. in a place where I personally believe we’ll see them again .. so friends .. when those memories arise .. whether good or bad .. look up .. look to Him .. the One .. who brings on the peace that totally does surpass anything we’ll ever find here on earth .. haha .. trust me .. it works .. for right now .. at this very moment .. I’m looking up .. and yes again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“We who are still alive and are left will be caught up together .. and so we will be with the Lord forever”

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