Today would have been my brother George’s sixty sixth birthday .. wow .. he left this earth twenty seven years ago .. way too soon for me .. Lord knows how much I miss him .. gratefully I’ve had the honor and pleasure to have carried him in my heart all of these years .. he was and still is .. my best friend .. haha .. we did so many things together .. he supported me when no one else supported me .. he loved me when I was totally unlovable .. haha .. when he was sick I remember sitting by the bed talking about all the things we had done in our short life together .. the love we shared as brother and sister was a love like no other .. we looked to one another for direction .. advise .. and yes .. haha .. a whole lot of laughter .. we both rolled with the flow .. for trust me .. in our family .. haha .. we had to if we wanted to survive .. oh yes .. the memories of our childhood .. the good the bad and the ugly .. haha .. looking back I can see things more clearly now .. as we all do as we age .. we’re able to see the reasons many things have happened in our lives .. we can see the growth we’ve made .. haha .. and yes .. the set backs we’ve experienced in a whole different light than we did even a year ago .. God has a way of healing our hearts and minds on a daily basis .. if we allow Him to do so .. for friends .. He loves us like no other .. He loves us when we’re unlovable .. when we’re down and need support .. He’ll lift us up .. and yes .. He’ll bring on the laughter like no one else can .. and yes yes yes .. He give us this awesome gift of memories .. so here we are .. another year gone by .. another memory in the bank .. haha .. and to top it off .. a “Cubbie” win .. can’t ask for a better memory than that .. Happy Birthday George! … haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“But Mary treasured up all these things .. pondering them in her heart”

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