TBT ..  while the picture I posted today is full of happy memories of a day with friends who I dearly love .. it has me looking back in the past .. pulling on memories ..  some are good and pleasant .. while others .. not so nice .. none the matter ..  they are both a gift from God ..  heck .. memory itself is a gift ..  for .. without it .. we would not learn nor develop ..  there would be nothing to help us succeed or to learn from our mistakes .. haha  .. His incredible hand at work .. again .. so .. as we look back .. we find ourselves focusing on those  ..”not so nice” .. memories  ..  you know .. the times when we’ve been hurt or betrayed .. and yes ..  even the times .. when we’ve hurt and betrayed .. oh goodness .. these memories .. they hurt .. and .. none of us are a big fan of pain .. yet .. He has given these memories to us for a reason .. they have benefits ..  so friends .. we must embrace them .. while .. one by one .. bringing them to light .. then .. seeing the light .. haha .. for .. it’s then sweet friends ..  we are able to let them go .. sounds contradictory .. however .. for me .. I have found that most of my painful memories boil down to the fact that forgiveness is in order .. once they are in the light .. and .. forgiveness takes place .. we are able to remember .. but remember .. without the pain ..  just another gift .. in the long line of gifts He has given us ..  for now .. the pain and shame are gone .. and..  we are free to explore the memories and receive His transforming power that results .. in changed behavior .. which means .. woo hoo .. no more harm done to others .. oh no .. this doesn’t mean we will be perfect at this .. we are human .. and  .. we will likely do or say something stupid .. we’re going to hurt someone .. and .. we’ll have to ask forgiveness .. but .. we can trust .. without a doubt ..  that our life will be more about healing others .. than about harming them from this day forward .. and for that ..  gratefulness explodes within our heart .. oh yeah people  ..  Love Wins Period

“But the Helper .. the Holy Spirit .. whom the Father will send in my name .. He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you”




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