Christmas week is here .. and yes .. it’s the most wonderful time of year .. and yes .. many of us are busy with holiday parties .. plays .. and the plain simple celebration of Hope .. and yes .. just what that Hope means to each of us .. haha .. while this is indeed wonderful .. my heart cries out to remind us all .. that friends .. it’s highly possible that someone we know is not looking forward to Christmas .. it may remind them of the overwhelming problems that come into our lives .. they’ve lost their home .. they’ve lost their job .. they’ve lost a loved one .. for as we know .. things can sure enough happen .. haha .. while on our journey through .. so .. in knowing this truth .. we need to stop .. we need to pay attention to those around us .. and yes .. we need to greet one another .. whether friend or foe .. and yes .. do some lifting up .. encouraging each other daily .. and yes .. sharing our Hope and what He means to us .. like a high flying flag .. for the truth is .. yes .. there’s been times when we’ve all felt like giving up .. but friends .. we know without a doubt .. we can trust even in our darkest moment in Our Hope .. that’s right .. for Our God .. haha .. He’s right now .. at this very moment .. working and engineering our circumstances in ways that we can’t see .. and yes .. He can .. and yes .. He will .. forge good out of what seems hopeless .. or yes .. even evil .. for yes .. there’s great hope in the help He supplies while in the midst of our troubles .. we simply need to be still .. and yes .. patiently wait on Him .. for friends .. from personal experience I’ve found.. haha .. when we put our hope in Him .. we’ll absolutely never .. be put to shame … for friends .. God is love .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“And the angel said to them .. ‘Fear not .. for behold .. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people’”

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