Friends .. as I sit here this morning thinking through this year .. and yes .. thinking of the many hurtles we’ve overcome .. along with .. the pure grace that God has shown us .. I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of being downright “grateful” .. haha .. yes .. it’s always been my favorite “Be” word .. it was my tag for many years .. for simply .. gratefulness .. it has a way of taking over our very soul and filling it with a warm heartfelt love .. and yes indeed .. it can be downright overwhelming at times .. if we allow it to be .. haha .. for it seems that being overwhelmed by being grateful .. well .. it would be a pretty darn good state of mindfulness to live in on a regular basis .. no friends .. being grateful doesn’t mean everything’s perfect or exactly like we’d wish it to be .. for the truth is .. we’re all going to go through dark places in our lives .. we’re all going to make many mistakes along the way .. and yes .. we’re all going to have to climb those mountains .. oh but yes .. it’s when God grabs us up .. haha .. and simply carries us on over to the other side .. where relief .. freedom .. and peace reside .. haha .. it’s then .. being grateful takes on even a fuller meaning .. for friends .. if we can simply focus on this mindset at all times .. and yes .. allow Him to take us to that place where only He can takes us .. things start falling into place .. the gaps start closing .. haha .. and yes .. we find ourselves moving on through at a more steady pace .. with a whole lot more peace than we’ve ever had before .. haha .. and to get to this place .. all we have to do is simply “let it go” .. haha .. while yes .. trusting and believing in His promises .. while yes .. continuously striving to live in the “moment” .. for the truth is .. haha .. if we’re honest with ourselves .. we can readily admit .. we’ve been all over the board when it comes to mistakes and self destruction along our way .. however .. it’s through those moves across that board .. haha .. that have brought us closer to Him .. and friends .. when we’re closer to Him .. we know that we know that we know .. haha .. we can’t be anything but “grateful” .. for today at this very “moment” in time .. yes yes yes .. all is well with our soul .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period.

My soul .. wait in silence for God only .. for my hope is from Him .. He only is my rock and my salvation .. my stronghold .. I shall not be shaken”



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