Friends .. for some reason .. we get our mindset on how we think things are suppose to be .. and yes ..  because we do this .. haha .. many of us will give up when we hit a crossroad that we didn’t foresee  .. and yes .. most of the time .. haha .. it’s simply because  .. we have the tendency to look at how far we still have to go .. rather than .. how far we’ve already come .. haha .. friends .. life is a journey ..  not a destination … and yes .. each moment is a priceless gift .. and yes .. an outright opportunity from God .. so yes  ..  we keep moving .. and yes .. we stay positive .. while simply .. haha .. smiling our wonderful smile .. and yes .. doing all we can .. to simply ..  make everything we do count  .. which in turn simply allows .. God to get the glory .. that yes .. He so well deserves .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“So .. whether you eat or drink .. or whatever you do .. do all to the glory of God”




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