I’m sitting on our back porch this morning .. it’s actually a little nippy out .. and yes .. Rudy Joe is enjoying his time running around the yard like the wind at full speed .. haha .. as we think about the day ahead .. and yes .. what we may face moving through .. the good news is .. we don’t have to needlessly worry about any problems we may face today .. nor .. any problems we may face in the days to come .. for yes .. we have learned to trust in the fact that when they do appear .. and yes .. they will appear .. we will have the resources necessary to solve them .. for yes .. we know that with the help of God we’ll be able to face each .. and yes .. every problem in the day .. haha .. with a sound mind .. for yes .. we know that by doing so .. we are living .. we are growing .. and yes .. we are reaping benefits .. so yes .. we do our part .. and yes .. we let the rest go .. for yes .. when we follow these simple steps .. haha .. we’ve now become problem solvers ourselves .. for the bottom line always remains the same  .. when we follow His lead .. we know without a doubt .. that yes yes yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“And call upon Me in the day of trouble .. I will deliver you .. and you shall glorify Me”



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