It’s Mother’s Day .. that special day each year .. set aside .. to celebrate Mom .. haha .. and yes .. some of us are planning to spend the day with our Mom .. taking her to dinner .. buying her flowers .. going to the beach .. doing whatever it is .. Mom would like to do today .. haha .. and then .. there are some of us .. who never knew our Moms .. we didn’t have that sense of security you get .. just from a Mother’s touch .. and yes .. there are some of us .. who are simply missing our Moms .. especially today .. as they have gone on to heaven .. and .. we no longer have their physical presence .. we can’t reach out and touch them .. we can’t tell them our tales of joys and woes .. we can no longer see the comfort in their eyes when we’re hurt .. we can no longer feel their touch .. on those days we need it most .. haha .. yes friends .. for the truth is .. there’s nothing that can replace .. what Mom brings to the table .. for simply .. a Mother’s love provides comfort .. security .. and .. encouragement to her children .. I’ve been blessed in my life to have had that from my Mom .. oh no .. she wasn’t perfect .. but .. double no .. neither was I .. and .. what we need to understand … is simply .. being a Mom is a learning process .. haha .. trust me .. I’ve been trying to learn it for 36 years now .. haha .. but friends .. what I do know is this .. the protective instinct I experience as a Mom is so strong and fierce that I can’t imagine anyone who could possibly love my child more than me .. and yet .. there is .. for yes .. as Moms .. we can stay up with a child for a night or two .. but God .. He never sleeps .. we can bandage many a scraped knee .. but God .. He’s the only One who can make those little knees heal .. and yes .. we can carefully listen to the concerns of our child .. but God .. He’s the only One that can clearly see and understand everything in their mind and heart .. so friends .. today .. we celebrate Mom .. it doesn’t matter if she’s here or not .. we can celebrate her love .. we can talk to her .. we can reminisce about her .. and yes .. we can feel her love .. for that love of hers .. is strong .. fierce .. and yes .. unforgettable .. just like His love .. haha .. for simply .. He is the Maker of Mom’s .. so today .. whether we’re the Mom or the Mom of the Mom or have no Mom at all .. bottom line .. we can celebrate His love .. for simply .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period ..
Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
“As a mother comforts her child .. so will I comfort you”

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