Oh yes .. life .. it can hit us with one major .. or .. haha .. a series of major blows that can bring us so far down into depression that we cannot see our way out .. oh yes .. we can do our best to remain positive and hopeful .. giving our best effort to overcome .. yet .. it’s when we see no good results we feel like giving up .. for me .. there have been many times I have felt like giving up .. the pain of watching my hopes and dreams vanish .. seeing no positive results from my efforts while disappointing those who love .. admire .. respect .. and .. depend on me .. all so hard to bare .. but you know .. I always go back to the truth and I hold up my sign of trust .. for I know that when those storms come .. I can rely on the promises of God way above my own feelings .. oh .. this can be easier said than done .. but we must remember .. our own feelings .. they will try to deceive us and try to make us feel like hope is lost .. but it’s not .. for you see .. we trust His Word .. knowing that He keeps His promises .. we can rely on Him while we keep moving forward .. even when we cannot see our way .. by moving forward in the face of adversity we demonstrate our faith to Him .. it’s in that blind faith that He will lead and guide us in the way we should go .. realizing that even when we don’t feel His presence .. He is with us all of the time .. so friends .. we cannot allow our minds to fret .. it is when times get really hard that we must trust Him the most .. He’ll rise up for us .. and that .. is fact .. not fiction .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding .. in all your ways acknowledge Him .. and He will direct your paths”


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