Friends .. we’ve all made many mistakes in our past .. haha .. for me  .. so many ..  I don’t even know where to start ..  they’ve ranged all over the board .. yet .. regardless of how severe or minor they have been .. or ..   how much they have affected my personal life .. I  have learned to like the fact .. that I am accepting the fact .. that I am learning .. from each and every one of them .. haha .. that’s right .. we’ve all  made some absolutely ridiculous decisions in our walk  .. yet .. think about it .. there really isn’t one we should want to erase .. after all .. we experienced it .. and .. it has made us who we are today .. so as we look back .. we may just find .. some mistakes we’ve made .. really weren’t mistakes at all .. even though at the time .. we felt devastated by them .. for God .. in my outcast ..  has covered me with His loving grace .. He has changed my mindset .. my  time .. “alone” .. with Him .. has brought me ..  “home” .. to  family .. to where I belong   ..  it has given me the strength to face and accept the many things I felt were unacceptable ..  you see … we humans .. we’re gonna make mistakes .. we were born to make them ..  but .. we were also born to learn from them  .. while accepting  this fact ..  all of our experiences .. simply ..  mold us into the beautifully crafted people .. God has always  intended  us to be  ..  that’s right .. our yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him .. who have been called according to his purpose”


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