Friends .. it’s true .. life .. can sure enough hit hard sometime .. haha .. yes .. we can get knocked down when we don’t even see it coming .. haha .. and yes .. some are cheap shots .. some are glancing blows .. while others .. can simply .. bring us to our knees .. haha .. and friends .. when this happens .. we must remind ourselves of this simple fact .. it’s not about how hard we’re hit .. it’s simply about .. how hard we get hit .. yet .. still find the strength and the motivation .. to keep moving forward .. for friends .. it’s simply about having the will to continue on in spite of any obstacles in our way .. haha .. for the truth is .. we aren’t defined by what happens to us .. no way .. it’s how we react to what happens to us that truly matters .. so .. when we get hit .. we don’t stay down .. no no no .. instead .. we reach down inside of ourselves and pull up the courage that simply .. lifts us back on our feet to keep moving forward .. haha .. yes sweet friends .. we have to leave our mistakes and regrets in the past .. for we can trust .. then or now .. they do not .. in any way .. define our value .. for simply .. in reality .. we’ve all made mistakes .. whether it be with our work .. our friends .. or .. our relationships .. and the consequences from these mistakes .. can hit pretty hard .. but again .. when we learn how to put these experiences behind us .. when we learn to truly let go .. haha .. it’s then .. we can begin to live in the here and now .. oh yes .. we can love ourselves enough .. to give ourselves .. the gift of forgiveness .. which in turn .. keeps us moving forward with new doors opening every day .. haha .. yes .. our faith may be tested by these occurrences in our life .. and yes .. we may wonder why God allowed such nonsense to happen .. haha .. but friends .. we keep our faith .. for we know .. He has a plan for us and we’re not alone in our struggles .. for yes .. we’re all fighting some sort of battle .. bottom line .. when we understand .. where He wants us to go in life .. we gain vision and spirit .. it gives us our foundation to keep moving forward .. for yes .. it’s our faith in Him that gives us the courage to deal with the problems we face .. and yes .. faith believes that there’s a greater good and that things will get better .. even when .. it may seem unlikely or even impossible .. yes sweet friends .. simply trusting in His truth is what will pull us through .. without a doubt .. every single time .. and yes .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Let your eyes look directly forward .. and your gaze be straight before you”

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