Friends .. when we want to move forward from past hurts .. we can .. haha .. it’s really pretty darn easy when we set our minds to do so .. for you see .. it’s all about opening our heart to one another .. and yes .. reaching out with the love that God has instilled inside each of us .. haha .. yes friends .. it’s simply that easy .. the problem is .. we say we want to forgive .. but yet .. fear and pride stops us from freely doing so .. haha .. oh yes .. it’s one of the enemy’s oldest tricks .. he wants us to live with the sharpness that binds us everytime we think about the hurt .. haha .. personally .. I just don’t think about it .. I’ve learned when I dwell on hurt and pain .. haha .. I walk in hurt and pain .. if I let it go .. and yes .. give it Him .. when those feelings rear their ugly head .. I’m simply able to push it back and look at the situation with love .. oh no .. not my kind of love .. but His kind of love .. haha .. for friends .. when we truly show His kind of love to those who have hurt us .. it’s then .. we’ll walk in victory .. we’ll walk in truth .. and yes .. we’ll walk in peace .. haha .. for friends .. it’s in every unforgiving moment we live that we’re simply giving the enemy the upper hand .. and yes .. that’s a lose lose for all of us .. and no .. God did not make us losers .. we become that all by ourselves .. haha .. so come on now .. let’s rise up .. put the past where it belongs .. do all the forgiving we need to do .. ask for any forgiveness we need to ask .. and yes .. simply love one another .. haha .. in sprite of and never ever because of .. oh what a glorious gift to to give to Him .. to each other .. haha .. an yes .. to ourselves .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“If you love those who love you .. what credit is that to you? .. even sinners love those who love them”

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