Many of us believe that nothing happens by chance when we live in God’s world .. we believe that because we know in our heart that He watches over us .. and yes .. that He’s intimately involved in everything that happens .. we simply trust  .. He’s concerned about each of us as we’re making our way through this gauntlet of tears and joys that come with life  ..  for yes .. we believe there’s a reason for everything  .. even the smallest of  things ..  however ..  the trick is .. haha ..  not to overlook those small things .. while at the same time .. not give them total priority .. for yes sweet friends  .. we need to take things in stride .. we need to trust in Him .. and yes .. we need to simply do our best .. to be the best way we can .. for we know that we know that we know .. He takes care of us .. He watches out for us .. and yes .. He loves us  just the way we are .. yet .. haha ..  at the same time .. He also loves us way too much to leave us like this  .. so .. He gently nudges us to grow a little more each day .. so to become .. the people we’re truly meant to be .. for the truth is  .. no matter what strange and seemingly insignificant or significant happenings occur  in our lives .. we need to keep in mind .. that simply .. He’s there and He sees how it will end for each of us .. so ..  believing in this truth .. our job is to keep moving forward .. while simply trusting  .. always and forever .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart .. and do not lean on your own understanding .. in all your ways acknowledge Him .. and He will make straight your paths”


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