Friends .. we need to move slow in life .. we need to pay attention to the positive things that happen to us on a daily basis .. and yes .. see clearly that good does come .. for yes .. it’s when we allow our hearts to be humbled by not only the good but by the bad as well  .. God is able to teach us that simply .. the bad isn’t always as bad as it may seem  .. for yes .. we know from experience it can always be worse .. for the truth is .. none of us are immune to difficulties in this life we live .. and yes .. rather than the “rush rush” that seems to flow around us .. we need to stop.. we need to take that minute .. and yes ..  we need to be still .. and yes .. reflect on just how much we’ve been given and who we can be for Him .. regardless of what we have on our plate .. for friends .. it’s when we take that minute to look around and see how sweet life really is .. haha .. the possibilities for us all .. simply become endless .. for yes .. our mindset is where it needs to be .. so yes again ..  haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Set your minds on things that are above .. not on things that are on earth”



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