We had a full day yesterday .. the girls came over a little before eleven .. and .. haha .. as usual we had a grand time .. played and played and played .. wow .. we love those two little people so very big .. it really is a treat being PopBob and MiMi .. haha .. I guess it was about four when they were heading home and I was heading out .. I went over to The Bay to listen to some music before having dinner with our GBC family at Borago .. I knew Mike Whitty would be there .. who we all love .. along with a couple of friends .. Sean Dietrich being one of them .. he’s worked with us for several weddings and I absolutely love to recommend him .. not only for his talent .. haha .. but also for his way .. that’s right .. he’s easy to work with .. always makes people smile .. and yes .. haha .. laugh .. yesterday was really the first chance I got to hear him outside of work .. and what a treat .. all three of the guys were great .. haha .. as I sat there and listened .. I realized one of the many things I love about musicians ..is simply .. if they’re not too fearful .. haha .. they’ll get together with people they’ve never played with .. and yes .. together .. they make it sound as if they’ve practiced for days .. so .. as I thought further .. haha .. because that’s what I tend to do .. I realized it’s like everything else in life .. haha .. it all boils down to love .. for friends .. it’s in anything that we do .. that we’ll find .. “fear” .. haha .. it cannot exist in the presence of love .. no way .. so therefore we experience appreciation .. compassion .. kindness .. beauty .. and yes .. haha .. freedom .. for when we live with love .. deep in our heart .. we experience a miracle like no other .. for now .. we’re simply .. haha .. living life fully .. so yes .. it was a good day all the way around .. hanging out and being part of what should drive us all .. haha .. that’s right .. people loving people .. just the way God intended it to be .. and that sweet friends .. should be music to all our ears .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Anyone who does not love does not know God .. because God is love”


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