Pop Bob and I have the pleasure of keeping our two granddaughters for a couple of nights .. and .. woo hoo .. let me say this .. they don’t call them grandchildren for nothing .. haha .. while at the end of last night .. the first night .. although .. we were exhausted .. and .. haha .. a little disoriented .. I can say this .. it’s a joy to for us to have the opportunity to do .. all we can .. to help them live grand lives .. to have the opportunity .. to build on their heritage .. for friends .. our future generations will need a grand heritage .. and the Kingdom of God .. totally demands it .. His Word tells us simply .. our grandchildren are our crowning achievement .. simply because .. they are a living manifestation of all we are .. and .. all we have accomplished .. they represent the “best” of what we have instilled in our children .. haha .. and .. with a full heart I can say .. Scooter .. he survived all the “trial and error” on my part .. and .. still .. turned out pretty darn good .. for you see … our children act as filters .. sorting through everything we .. say or do .. or .. keeping only the good stuff .. so .. when I hear him today .. speak wisely to his children .. I know somewhere .. through all of my madness .. something was done right .. something on which to build a Godly heritage .. haha .. and .. now my friends … woo hoo .. I have been crowned .. and .. I’m one .. grateful Mimi .. wow .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Children’s children are the crown of old men”


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