Last night I cried myself to sleep .. I dug my head so far in my pillow I almost couldn’t breathe .. I cried so hard that my heart felt like it was coming out of my chest .. and .. I just kept on crying until there was no energy left in me .. and then .. I drifted off to sleep .. haha .. we’ve all had nights like this .. we’ve all had that need to just get it out .. the hurt .. the pain .. and .. the heartache .. all those things we’ve carried around .. piled up and pinned up .. way down deep in our heart .. behind a locked door .. we thought we’d gotten rid of it .. oh .. but then .. something happens .. and .. we find ourselves back at that door .. haha .. there was a song that a friend used to sing .. a simple song with huge meaning .. I’ve clung to it many times over the years .. it goes like this ..

“My heart is like a house .. one day I let the Savior in .. there are many rooms .. where we would visit now and then .. but then one day He saw a door .. I knew the day had come too soon .. I said .. Jesus I’m not ready .. for us to visit in that room .. there’s a secret place in my heart .. where even I wouldn’t go .. I have some things hidden there .. I don’t want anyone to know .. but He handed me the key .. with tears of love on His face .. He said I want to make you free .. let me go .. into your secret place .. so I opened up the door .. and the two of us walked in .. I was so ashamed .. I’d revealed my hidden sin .. but .. when I think about that room .. no .. I’m not afraid anymore .. for I know .. my hidden sin .. no longer hides behind that door”
friends .. there are times when we have to remind ourselves that God is so much stronger than our feelings .. and .. He wants to help us .. for .. our feelings .. they’re valid .. they’re ours .. and .. they’re real .. however .. we must make sure .. we stay in touch with our emotions .. we can’t move as He would have us move when our emotions are flying high .. for .. as Believers .. we have the power of Christ living within us .. which means .. we can win our battle over our emotions though His power  .. haha .. that’s right friends .. we absolutely .. do not have to let our emotions control us .. for simply .. nothing can separate us from His love .. and .. with Him by our side .. we can fight our battles .. for .. we’re more than conquerors and victory is ours .. simply because of Him .. He loves us big .. and friends .. no matter how tough life can become .. we can praise Him .. for in spite of the heartache .. we have so much to be grateful for .. yes! .. it’s in every breath we take .. in the very midst of our pain and suffering .. that something happens when we begin to praise Him .. our hearts become whole again .. our negative emotions go away .. for friends .. haha .. it’s through patience and never giving up that we find ourselves in a much better place .. you know .. I don’t like to give the enemy a lot of credit .. however .. the truth is .. a lot of heavy heartedness comes from spiritual attacks .. so many of our emotional battles are spiritual ones .. a heavy heart .. although valid .. may need to be fought spiritually .. and yes .. we can train our minds to learn His ways of fighting this kind of war .. for the bottom line .. our minds are a battlefield .. and .. we must control our thoughts .. while .. keeping them in line with His .. for simply .. He is faithful to hear our cry for help .. and .. He wants more than anything for us to live this life to it’s fullest .. and to do this .. we just gotta let Him in that door .. you know .. that one we keep locked up tight .. way down deep in our heart .. so .. come on friends .. let’s grab hold of the truth .. and ..  rock this  .. haha ..  oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Come to Me .. all who are weary and heavy laden .. and I will give you rest .. take My yoke upon you and learn from Me .. for I am gentle and humble in heart .. and you will find rest for your souls .. for .. My yoke is easy and My burden is light”

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