Friends ..  our God is a God of new day .. it’s who He is .. even in the beginning of time He was creating new days .. and yes .. every one of them being special .. something different .. something unique .. and yes .. all being exciting .. for no .. not one was the same .. and today ..  we shouldn’t expect anything difference .. haha .. I mean really .. just think how sad it would be to come to a point where we’d say that we don’t want change .. and yes .. we just want our little world to remain the same .. haha.. what a damper that would be on the awesome things He wants to show us .. and yes .. guide us through .. for friends ..  the truth is .. He delights in us as we “break down the door” on each new day .. as we wake up .. and yes .. excitedly run into the day .. to our very Maker .. our Sustainer .. and yes .. the Creator of all things .. including this very day we’re waking in .. so yes sweet friends .. constantly staying mindful of this fact .. let’s embrace the change .. and yes .. allow the growth to emerge .. for yes ..  we can do it because we know .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”


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