There have been times in my life where I have felt .. “broken” .. the hurt and the pain were so strong that I felt I had no where to turn .. I don’t know how or when I veered off .. nor .. did I know how to begin the road to healing .. haha .. or .. even if healing was possible .. oh yes .. the talents and blessings have always been plentiful .. but .. in those moments of stress and strain .. hopelessness can take over .. it can simply take us down and .. “immobilize” .. us .. friends .. when we face these times in our lives .. and yes .. we all face them .. we have to stop and remind ourselves that God Himself .. has a plan and purpose for this very season we are in .. and .. we are loved .. we may feel alone .. but He’s with us .. we are not defined by our failures .. and .. we simply cannot believe that lie .. because simply .. that is what it is .. you see .. He personally made us .. in His Image .. so .. listen up .. He’s the only One who has a right to label us .. haha .. and .. with great joy .. He says we are a Masterpiece .. that’s right .. this is not the end of our story .. He has promised to work every detail of our life together for good .. in a beautiful way .. yep .. He sees the big picture .. for .. it’s when we keep that .. “attitude of gratitude” .. that our lives are changed .. no .. we can’t control what happens to us .. nor .. what others say about us .. but friends .. we can control how we choose to respond .. so .. we keep a positive attitude and grateful heart .. no matter what we are going through .. the bottom line .. He has plans for our lives that are even better than our own .. haha .. that’s funny since I’ve come to learn .. His plans .. are almost always different from my own .. oh yes .. His plans are always perfect .. so .. with patience .. we wait .. we wait on His timing instead of forcing our own .. I know .. it’s not easy .. but .. it’s vital .. for we know .. that we know .. that we know .. that even though we feel like we’re struggling alone .. we’re never alone .. He’s by our side to the end .. and with that .. we just can’t quit .. it’s simple .. we keep moving .. and .. again .. He sees us through .. while .. always bringing purpose to the very pain we thought we could not bear .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Be strong and courageous .. do not be afraid or terrified because of them .. for the Lord your God goes with you .. He will never leave you nor forsake you”


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