Friendships  .. we all have them .. some close .. some cordial .. none the less ..  as friends to one another .. we can all be irritating beyond measure ..  yes ..  we will let each other down .. and .. we will even shock each other in bad ways .. as well as .. surprise each other in good ways  .. but ultimately ..  we are all simple human beings ..  simply prone to making mistakes .. for friends .. in our lifetime .. we have seen peace agreements change lives .. we’ve watched nations learn to co-exist .. and .. we’ve witnessed neighbors who used to kill each other transform their city into a cosmopolitan metropolis .. oh ..  and let’s not diminish our current state of discord ..   yet .. it’s when we listen to God’s direction and move in His love  .. we are able to find it in ourselves to .. negotiation and compromise .. to sit down and work out a way to forgive and forget .. or  .. at least return to cordial relations ..  we do the best we can in the situation we are in .. always staying mindful and striving daily to become better ..  haha .. hang on .. we’re almost there .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period


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