We work hard .. we mentally think .. haha .. way too much .. and .. we simply .. put things on our shoulders that don’t belong there .. we take on the responsibility that it’s .. “all on us” .. to make thing happen .. which makes it seem .. like we’ve totally forgotten what Jesus said .. as well as .. what He’s done haha .. yes .. most of the time .. we’re probably putting a lot of effort in the wrong things .. oh yes .. I know .. we’re told if we labor and are heavy burdened then we’re doing the right thing .. we’re simply .. sacrificing for our family and friends .. we’re putting on our big girl or big boy pants to work hard and hopefully one day .. meet up to the standards that have been set .. haha .. oh my goodness .. friends .. this is so wrong .. and .. we simply can’t let today’s culture tell us that putting everything on our shoulders is wisdom .. no .. instead .. we need to trust Jesus when He tells us that His burden is light .. for the truth is .. if He practiced humility Himself .. then who the heck are we to even think we don’t need to .. haha .. for friends .. humility .. it’s not a weakness .. for even Jesus .. was dependent on His Father .. and friends .. this was a good thing .. in fact .. the best thing .. for .. it glorified Him in every way possible .. I mean after all .. you and I .. we couldn’t even have a relationship with Him in the first place .. if it wasn’t for what Jesus did .. plain and simple .. think about it .. at some point in our own lives .. we had to humble ourselves to trust .. that He is who He is .. so .. whether we’ve been Believers for five minutes or fifty years .. there’s no difference for us today .. we still need Him in everything we do .. we still need His Spirit to guide us and to give us wisdom .. and yes .. we still need help to practice things that are honorable .. pure .. lovely .. commendable .. or .. anything that is praiseworthy .. simply because .. we’re still not capable of doing anything on our own .. and friends .. we never will be .. for .. the truth is .. as soon as we begin to live in a way where we’re no longer dependent on Him to do everything for us .. we’re pretty much forgetting .. our first love .. while proclaiming what He did was not enough .. so friends .. we step back .. we take a deep breath .. we let it out .. for we know that we know that we know .. it’s going to be just fine .. and .. we can simply trust .. no matter the circumstance .. we can give it to Him .. simply because .. what He says is true .. and .. what He did was enough .. for .. He is ours and we are His .. twenty four seven .. that’s right .. and yes! .. He will lead us .. and .. He will guide us .. all we have to do is humble our heart and cast all our anxieties on Him .. for friends .. we can trust .. over one hundred percent .. that He will .. always and forever .. have our back .. simple truth .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Come to me .. all who labor and are heavy laden .. and I will give you rest .. take my yoke upon you .. and learn from me .. for I am gentle and lowly in heart .. and you will find rest for your souls .. for my yoke is easy .. and my burden is light”

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