Friends .. if we’re honest .. we’ll have to admit .. we’ve all had times when we’ve wondered .. what in the world is God doing .. we look at someone being blessed .. someone we know who back bites .. harbors unforgiveness .. and .. heck .. is just downright mean .. but yet .. they’re being blessed .. while the ones .. haha .. we think are worthy .. are simply being left out .. oh sweet friends .. we need wake up and pay attention .. for simply .. by human standards .. He isn’t fair .. nope .. not in our eyes anyway .. haha .. for yes .. just like the sun that warms the land of both the rich and poor .. He showers blessings on ALL of us .. haha .. that’s right .. every single one of us .. believers and unbelievers alike .. for simply .. He’s no respecter of person .. never has been .. and no .. He never will be .. for yes .. oh yes .. His overwhelming and unconditional love .. is for ALL people .. haha .. whether or not .. we’re willing to show Him love in return .. for yes .. it’s true .. even though some of us may never show one ounce of gratitude .. He continues to bless and provide .. haha .. yes sweet friends .. us humans .. our thinking can be really messed up .. for the truth is .. when He’s blessing those who don’t thank Him .. He’s simply .. setting an example for us ALL .. for friends .. His desire is for us to be .. Imitators of Christ .. haha .. that’s right .. we’re to reach out .. and .. be kind to those .. who may thank us .. as well as those .. who don’t give a damn .. haha .. He wants us to help those who can repay .. as well as .. those who’ll never return a favor .. for friends .. the bottom line is simple .. it’s never a question of fairness .. but always .. the beauty of showing His kind of love .. to each and everyone we meet .. haha .. no questions asked .. simple truth .. always and forever .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“But I tell you .. love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you .. in that way .. you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven .. for he gives His sunlight to both the evil and the good .. and He sends rain on the just and the unjust alike”

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