When I think about fear .. I think about the enemy having a yard sale .. and fear .. it’s the number one selling item .. he lays it out .. we fight to get it .. haha .. yes friends .. fear is simply .. faith that’s been perverted .. haha .. think about it .. it’s actually faith in the enemy’s ability to harm us .. and friends .. we can’t let ourselves go there .. no way .. we simply cannot allow fear to have any place in our thoughts .. and .. the way we fight it .. is simply .. with the Word of God and LOVE .. haha .. that’s right .. for we know .. that we know .. that we know .. perfect love casts out all fear .. simple truth .. and .. bottom line .. for friends .. He loves us unconditionally .. and .. He has big plans for each of us .. and no .. it’s never in His plan for us to suffer any kind of torment brought on by fear .. for friends .. the root of fear is doubt that He really loves us .. and we know .. that’s a lie .. for His love is real .. even in the most difficult times .. so .. when we take the time to meditate on His pure and perfect love for us .. we find .. yes .. His love does .. in fact .. cast out the fear .. and yes .. once we truly grasp that love .. and trust .. that wherever we are in this life we’re living .. through the good and the bad .. we’ll never have anything to fear .. for fear .. simply cannot live where His love resides .. so sweet friends .. let’s soak up some love .. let’s hit the ground running .. for .. it’s a new day .. and .. we’re a fearless bunch of folks .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“There is no fear in love .. but perfect love casts out fear .. because fear involves torment .. but he who fears has not been made perfect in love”


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