We all have problems in our life .. we all have disappointments .. shattered dreams .. people who don’t like us .. and .. haha .. even those people who come against use .. and yes .. the enemy .. he wants to use everyone of these things to keep us discouraged and imobilized .. to make it as hard as possible .. to move forward with the plans God has for us .. yes .. he’s mean and deceitful .. and yes .. he wants to steal our dreams .. for simply .. if he can get us to focus on what’s wrong in or lives .. or .. what we don’t like .. it’s then .. he has a foothold .. and can .. absolutely defeat us .. oh but friends .. no way are we going to stand for this .. for we know .. it’s how we think .. the attitude we keep .. and .. what we say .. that determines .. whether we live stuck in our problems .. or .. whether we move forward in His plan for us .. so .. in knowing that our thought process is what prepares us for action .. then .. it simply makes sense for us to think like Him .. haha .. I know .. this sounds hard to reach .. but friends .. it’s all in the Book .. and .. easy to follow .. so .. bottom line .. until we agree with Him .. He can’t do anything with us .. haha .. and yes .. the enemy is going to lie to us .. but .. we aren’t going to fall for his nonsense .. no way .. for .. we’re simply going to keep moving .. while only glancing at our problems .. and .. consistently staring at Him .. for it is then .. we’ll have His mindset .. and yes .. we’ll begin to think like He thinks … haha .. that’s right .. for friends .. it’s when our thinking lines up with His Word .. that we enter into a position to walk by faith .. and then .. simply .. be able to do .. what He’s leading us to do .. haha .. and yes .. the enemy will continue to lie and tell us we can’t .. but .. we know we can .. for .. He has said .. all things are possible with Him .. and unlike the other .. He doesn’t lie .. so .. we make up our minds to shake off those things that hold us back .. and .. get our good attitude on .. for it is then .. we cannot and will not be defeated .. for nothing .. absolutely nothing .. is too hard for Our God .. so .. come on now .. it’s a new day .. let’s do this .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“In your relationships with one another .. have the same mindset as Christ”




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